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Purchasing Terms and Agreement:
Realization of Terms and Agreement.  Typically terms and agreement only come into play when something goes wrong.  With being in business over 15 years, TSD rarely has any issues and even more rare is not being able to work through any issues that may arise.  While come companies hide behind terms and agreements and strict policies, TSD does not, we are committed to a very high level of customer service.  Unfortunately though and with the extensive experience, most of these polices are in place to simply protect us from unreasonable situations.
The terms, policies and conditions (collectively known as "Conditions") described below govern the use of this site (referred to as "Tech Supply Depot" or "site"). Your use and/or placement of any order indicate your acceptance of these Conditions. Tech Supply Depot. of FL.

While most companies provide pages of terms and conditions, we seek to only include those actually experienced in the real world, not what an attorney fears will happen by some freak occurrence and yes, our terms are written in plain English!

TechSupplyDepot (TSD) primarily sells Cool Component Inc (CCI) products and sells cooling and ventilation products primarily intended for professional installation and use.  While TSD sells to retail/DIY customers, it is understood and agreed that some aspects of the products and concepts of products are beyond the scope of normal consumer skills, expertise, and experience.  If there are any issues with products that are a result of this, purchaser is expected to consult an expert or simply work with TSD/CCI to bridge the gap in this knowledge and experience.  If a consumer does not feel will be willing or capable of working with such a situation, they should purchase and have products installed by a professional.

Related to above, most products have some level of 'assembly required'.  In most cases this is very simple and just refers to having to plug units together, or other very simple tasks which should be well explained in included instructions.  Some products require extensive installation and assembly.  If it not clear what is involved in the assembly and use, consumer should contact TSD prior to ordering as improper installation and use is not covered under warranty and does not constitute 'defective product'.

While each product has specific warranty assigned to the products, in general, all products are guaranteed against any sort of defect in material (unless b-stock units) and assembly/ workmanship.  Most every product has been assembled by hand and locally and each and every product is tested prior to shipping.  A very high level of quality control is deployed so in the event there is an issue with a unit, typically it is in the installation or sometimes the handling associated with shipping can create issues which is covered under warranty unless there is very specific damage apparent by damaged packaging.  Any shipping damage requires a picture of the packaging and report with the shipping company.  Shipping damage is not covered under warranty but typically TSD will work with the purchaser and shipping company to resolve the issue.  Purchaser is simply asked and required to provide TSD with proper attention and documentation.  The warranty also does not cover damage that occurs in the general handling of the product, any modifications, abuse, and use inconsistent with the intended use of the products.

In the event there is an apparent problem with a product, the purchaser shall contact TSD or manufacturer and be willing to perform very basic troubleshooting procedures.  Most issues can be resolved by following very simple troubleshooting processes.

If a product has to be returned, it is a norm with consumer electronics that purchasers return the products no matter fault or defect to the purchaser.  While we also prescribe to this policy, we will make individual exceptions and pay for and provide return shipping labels. 

Prior to a return, the purchaser is required to contact TSD, attempt to troubleshoot issues, and if a return is inevitable, receive authorization for the return.

If a return is not authorized, if purchaser has not attempted to troubleshoot issues, if purchaser simply desires to return a unit that is not defective, a 15% restocking fee will be assessed.  It is also understood that in most cases this simply covers costs associated with the purchase including credit card processing fees, both for initial order and refund, re-packaging and processing time and supplies, to potentially cover shipping charges (if free shipping was provided)...  In other words, this is not a charge that leads to profit or benefit.

In the event of a dispute, the purchaser has the responsibility to reasonably work with TSD to resolve the dispute.  If a purchaser is not willing to work in good faith with TSD to resolve any issues that may arise and instead disputes credit card charge, a $30 fee will be assessed (credit card processing company charges $25).  If a dispute occurs and a refund has already been issued, then a $50 fee will be assessed for the time required to complete the extensive documentation to resolve the issue with the credit card companies.



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