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 Rack Cooling Applications

This page applies to cooling equipment installed in equipment racks.  Rack cooling in many ways is very simple because of how nicely everything mounts and flows...  As with everything, there are challenges and the primary challenge is having the proper available spaces for cooling devices.  This is especially challenging if addressing heat problems after the system has been fully installed.  Do not worry, CCI has been there, dealt with it many many times and developed products for pretty much any challenge.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems spec'ing products.
It is best if can provide what type of equipment (not models, just type of equipment) and can also send pictures... It is best and more efficient to email us at [email protected] 

Rack Cooling - Open Rack
Open racks are pretty easily cooled with various options for cooling and we'll present some recommendations but there's not going to be too many right or wrong ways, just really preference based on the application and available space.  Typically racks are made to mount fans in the tops and sometimes in the bottom so the first and obvious option is to simply utilize those spots for cooling although, in open racks you may want to concentrate more directly on the heat producing components which may actually be in the bottom of the rack.  CCI offers fan kits for mounting in most any rack top or bottom.

Products for Front Mounting.  This section makes the assumption have room to mount products in the front of the rack between other components.  The #1 recommended product for rack cooling is the Universal Cooler (CP-UC) as it only takes up 1U, can be mounted front of back, it can be configured to blow air in or out of the rack, upwards or downwards.  It really is universal and a nice amount of airflow which can cool most any component you can put in a rack.  Other commonly recommended products are the 2U Universal Cooler (CP-UC-2) and the Component Units (CP-CU) and there's various versions of the Component Units, probably the most recommended is the 4-Fan Unit with Cover as it moves air directly into, or out of the rack, not just blows air upward or downward.

Products for Mounting Elsewhere.  This section is for when really do not have space to mount cooling products on the front of the rack and do note that depending on the type of rack, usually products can also be mounted on the back rails as well.  The best units we have space challenges open racks are the Side Coolers (RK-SC) which come in 2 and 4 fan versions.  These simply mount to the side of the rack for easy access and very direct cooling of components.

"In-Between" Concept.  OK, this section is a stretch but if don't have extra space for separate cooling products, consider the Cool Shelves that simply take the place of standard rack shelves but have cooling built into the shelves.  The Cool Shelves (RK-CS) come in 2, 3, and 4U configurations and are, well, very cool!

Rack Cooling - Enclosed Rack
With enclosed racks you typically follow what the rack is designed for which same as open racks, usually fans mounted in the top and/or bottom of the rack.  You definitely want to utilize the top fan option and probably install bottom fans if designed for them.  That is really all you will get for 'ventilation' of the rack which means exhausting air from the rack.
Same as Above Except...  The products are really the same as for above except may use Spot Coolers within the system as well because ensuring there are no heat pockets are critical in enclosed racks.  This would lead to using the Duo Unit and/or Spot Cooler within the systems which in reality would take the place of side coolers in open racks.

Products for Rack Applications
  • Fan Kits (FK-120-2) - This can typically be used in the top or bottom of most racks.
  • Duo Cooling Unit (CP-DUO) - For spot cooling within a rack.
  • Spot Cooler (CP-SPOT) - This is also for spot cooling with a rack and is bit more aggressive but not as slim as the Duo
  • Universal Cooler (CP-UC) - This is the 1U version that is most recommended.
  • Universal Cooler - 2U (CP-UC-2) - This is simply and obviously the 2U version which just moves more air but takes up more space.
  • Component Units (CP-CU) - To aggressively cool in 1U and there's a variety to choose from. The LT2 has a built-in display/controller to full size coolers including to 2 fan, 4 fan, 4 fan with cover, the fully loaded, and 9 fan versions to cover most any application. The 4-fan with cover is commonly recommended for rack applications.
  • Cool Shelves (RK-CS-2/3/4) - These are the rack shelves with integrated cooling which saves space and provides for very direct cooling of components.
  • Side Coolers (RK-SC-2/4FN) - These are for mounting to the side of an open rack.


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