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Professional Ventilation Applications

Ventilation when discussing AV equipment and our products refers to cooling and entire system through ventilation.  This typically is done by removing hot air from the system as a whole and simply provide cooling by exhausting the hot air and introducing cooler air.  While spot cooling helps protect individual components by eliminating pockets of hot air, venting then removes the accumulation of hot air and if that hot air is not removed, then essentially just ends up with a convection oven effect, the hot air just keeps circulating around the components.

For more information on Spot Cooling and differences with 'cooling' and 'venting', please visit the Spot Cooling page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems spec'ing products.
It is best if you can provide what type of equipment (not models, just type of equipment) and can also send pictures... It is best and more efficient to email us at [email protected]

Will break down recommendations in the following ways:
  • Cabinet Venting
  • Venting Rooms & Closets
  • TVs, Displays, Projectors, Video Walls

Scroll Down for Information on Each of these Applications

Cabinet Venting

Cabinet Venting is our most common application with just a few challenges and considerations. 

Standard Cabinetry.  Most stand alone cabinetry would simply mount a cooling fan higher in the cabinet and venting the hot air out.  Even a moderate amount of hot air being exhausted will make a tremendous difference in most any situation.  The air can be vented out the side, back, or top of the cabinet.  Included in stand-alone cabinetry is also enclosures such as lecterns.

Built-in Cabinetry.  These applications are a bit more complicated but we've dealt with so many now that it just comes down to narrowing down the options.  One option when components are installed in one or two of several cabinets with the other cabinets for just general storage.  An easy solution is just to vent from the cabinets with equipment to the adjacent cabinets and simply let the heat dissipate naturally.  Many times cabinetry is installed against a 'framed' fireplace which usually there's a lot of dead space in those enclosures so it is not uncommon to simply vent into that cavity.  If considering venting prior to or during construction and renovations, consider running duct work in the wall for venting the cabinetry.  Other options are to draw air into the bottom/toe kick of the cabinetry.  While we 99% of the time recommend exhausting hot air, this approach can be used for injecting cooler air essentially forcing the hot air out, usually around the cabinet doors...  Probably our last recommendation when all else fails is to use the Cabinet Duct System which pulls hot air in and through the ductwork to then exhaust out the toe kick.  The setup and installation is pretty time extensive which is why it is considered a product of last resort.

     Product Reference for Cabinet Venting Products
  • DUO Cooling Unit (CP-DUO) - Typically a DIY product but a mid-level cooler but easy to install and aesthetically pleasing (uses a 2.5" grill)
  • Cabinet / Slim Vent (VS-CV/SV) - These are super easy to install vents that move a limited amount of air but are available in 2 unit packages.  The Slim vent is just not as deep as the Cabinet Vent.
  • HiFlo Lite Pro (VS-HFL-Pro) - A fairly aggressive venting unit that is for mounting to the side, top, bottom, or to connect to ducting.
  • HiFlo Pro (VS-HF-Pro) - Very similar to the HFL but just double the airflow.
  • SlimSix System (VS-S6) - This a slim profile fan unit which would just be for very specific applications and primarily used for the slim aesthetic.
  • Inline Duct Fan (VS-IDF) - These would only be used in cabinetry as part of the ducted system.
  • Cabinet Toe Kick System (VS-CTK) - See note in the above paragraph on this unit.

Venting Rooms & Closets
Venting rooms and closets is a very common application when cooling equipment that is installed in Closets and in some cases, the rooms where the closets are as well.  A good example is CCI was partly founded after completing a home theater install and the equipment from the closet heated the entire room 3 to 5 degrees.  In most cases simply venting the closet will be sufficient but in some cases the room may require some basic venting as well.
Venting Closets  There some easy and then not so easy way to vent closets.  The primary considerations are what would be involved in the installation as well as the aesthetics of the different options.
Thru-Wall Venting.  The easiest way is to simply go from the closet and vent through the wall to an adjacent room or hallway.  There are a few options with this, one is to pass straight through the wall.  You can also simply vent into the wall cavity provided it is not insulated and just as an example, you can install the fan unit high on the wall in the cabinet but yet low on the wall on the other side (just ensure there's no blockages like a fire block).

Venting thru the Door.  Probably the easiest solution is simply installing a vent on the door and the SlimSix (VS-S6) is a nice solution for installing a vent high on the door.

Ceiling Venting.  If there is attic access then it is not overly difficult to install a Ceiling Vent System (VS-CVS) in the ceiling to then duct to either another room or to the HVAC return vent.  A duct box is available for that unit and can also deploy any of the Inline Duct Fans (VS-IDF) for this type of configuration as well.

Drop Ceilings.  The Ceiling Grid System (VS-CGVS) is designed to very aggressively vent in standard 2x2 ceiling grids.  It can be configured in various ways and in regards to how the fans are controlled.
Venting Rooms  Typically you may first want to discuss the situation with an HVAC contractor if you have a room that is not comfortable.  They may be able to resolve the problem by better balancing the HVAC system.  In the event additional venting is desired, consider the above, Thru-Wall and Ceiling Venting options.  You're HVAC contractor may also be able to install a duct booster fan as well.

     Product Reference for Venting Rooms & Closets
  • HiFlo Vent System (VS-HFS) - This system has been designed for venting rooms and closets and features 2 grills, a temperature controller and basically everything needed for the application.
  • SlimSix System (VS-S6) - This a slim profile fan unit which is perfect for venting through doors.
  • Ceiling Vent System (VS-CVS) - This is for installing in a ceiling to vent a room or closet and when combined with a duct box the air can be ducted to another room or the HVAC system.
  • Ceiling Grid Vent System (VS-CGVS) - This is for installing in a standard 2x2 ceiling grid and is very very aggressive.
  • Inline Duct Fan (VS-IDF) - These are very effective for remote venting which means taking air from the room or closet and then ducting it to another room or the HVAC system.  There are various options with the IDF systems.

Venting Televisions, Displays, Projectors & Video Walls

Most displays and televisions are well designed to provide a natural flow of air through the set however, once start recessing them and putting them in enclosures or harsh environments, the challenges can mount and require solutions for active cooling the units.

Venting Televisions & Displays  This is usually only necessary when recessing or enclosing units and even then and an unless working with a high output unit like an outdoor unit, just a moderate amount of airflow is required.
Venting within a Recess.  Mounting a Universal Cooler (CP-UC) behind a TV works well due to the angle of the unit.  It is able to nicely sweep air from behind the TV and up and over the top in a recess.

In an Enclosure.
The correct solution is going to be very dependent upon the TV/display being used but in general the enclosure can be vented using ducted products or if the enclosure is more like a cabinet and can vent out the back, then refer to the Cabinet Venting products.

Harsh Environments.  This includes mounting units outside and there are companies that specialize in sealed and conditioned enclosures (check 'Display Devices' as they make nice outdoor enclosures).  CCI does offer harsh environment fans so if just need protection from heat then a unit with harsh environment fans can be used.
Venting Projector Enclosures  This is a very demanding application as projectors produce incredible amounts of heat and in a very condensed area.  On a lot of projectors there is a very set path of airflow and solutions need to be very concentrated and direct.  We have though been successfully venting projectors for quite some time and usually by either building fan units into the enclosures and in this case would recommend a set of HiFlo Lite Pro, HiFlo Pro, SlimSix, or for very significant airflow the duct fans can be used.

Video Walls  This is a fairly new application for our products so we are just now figuring out the different uses for the products but have seen a few different methods deployed to cool the displays.  One has involved simply installing a cooling unit like the HiFlo Lite Pro behind each display and pulling air away from it.  We have also had a dealer install a nice flow of air behind the displays by sweeping air across the displays and using a confined space behind the displays.  It would make a lot of sense to sweep air low to high and working with the principle of heat rising.  Please be in touch with us to work out a solution for your precise application.

     Product Reference for Cooling & Venting TVs, Displays, Projectors & Video Walls
  • Universal Cooler (CP-UC) - This is recommended for behind TVs and displays for sweeping air from behind over the top of the display.
  • Cabinet Venting Products (see above Cabinet Venting section)
  • Harsh Environment Products - Several products are upgradable to harsh environment versions.  There are IP68 rated fans which can handle the hardest of environments.
  • Inline Duct Fan (VS-IDF) - If installed during construction ducted products are really a great solution especially for high demand applications such as projector enclosures.


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