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Professional Equipment & Spot Cooling Applications

This page applies to professional applications involving directly cooling - otherwise known as spot cooling – of individual components.  

Spot cooling is a very important and a fundamental aspect to protecting equipment and systems. 

The primary challenge to professional cooling is simply that down or damaged equipment can be much more than an inconvenience, it can lead to: 

  • safety issues, 
  • an outage of service
  • inability to conduct business, 
  • loss of goodwill with your customers

Spot cooling critical components is the first step in ensuring systems stay up and running indefinitely.  For mission critical systems there should be a secondary, redundant system in place, in the event the primary cooling system fails.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems spec'ing or selecting the right products for your needs. 

It is best if you can provide us information about what type of equipment you need to cool (the equipment model number is not necessary; just type of equipment you’re using) and can also send pictures. 

It is best and more efficient to email us this information at [email protected]

Spot / Component Cooling vs Venting

Venting primary references venting a system as a whole.  In other words, venting an entire rack, cabinet, enclosure, closet, or entire room.  

Spot cooling products protect components by ensuring heat pockets do not form and then work in conjunction with venting systems to remove the accumulation of heated air.  

Without venting a system, it is really not much different than a convection oven but for the sake of this page, we will be covering spot cooling. 

The good news is that spot cooling is very basic.  Spot cooling really just involves getting just some amount of air circulating regularly around components.

We recommend the following products for Spot Cooling applications.

Spot / Components Coolers for Pro Applications

DUO Cooling Unit (CP-DUO)

While normally a DIY product, this unit is: 

  • slim, 
  • effective, 
  • budget friendly
  • perfect for less demanding spot cooling applications.  

Two units would be ideal for larger components but where require a more slim spot cooler.

Spot Cooler (CP-SPOT)

  • This is an aggressive spot cooler for most any cooling application.

Universal Cooler (CP-UC)

  • This unit is good for mounting to perhaps the back of a cabinet moving air aggressively away from, or sweeping over a component.  
  • It is also ideal for venting recessed displays/TVs due to the unique angle of the unit.

Component Units (CP-CU)

These are the most aggressive spot coolers and there's a variety to choose from. 

  • There's the LT2 which has a built-in display/controller 
  • We have full size coolers including to a 2 fan, 4 fan, and 4 fan with cover, 
  • We also have a fully loaded, and 9-fan versions to cover most any application. 


Cool Components

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