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IDF Enclosure Vent Package - 6" EC Pro VS-IDF-EVS-6EC-PRO
IDF Enclosure Vent Package - 6" EC Pro
IDF Enclosure Vent Package - 6' EC Pro
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Item Description
The only difference in this package and the VS-IDF-EVS-6-PRO is it includes the newest technology EC Fan and temperature controller.  The Electronically Controlled Fan Unit deploys the latest fan technology which are high voltage but with a low voltage motor which means the unit is still powered by 110/220V AC but are controlled with low voltage making it a much more efficient and smoother running fan.  The controller is specifically designed for the EC fans and has features including on/off and variable speed control as well as various settings for how quickly the fans ramp up, the speed the fans initially turn on, basic all the features a professional would expect.  The controller can also integrate with control systems as Fan 2 and Alarm Outputs are 12V outputs which can trigger various functions in most control systems providing different alerts...

It should be noted that the package is intended to provide what is needed to go from the wall/enclosure to the fan unit.  The exhaust side and where and how it is run is very application specific so whatever is required to exhaust the unit should be ordered separately.  See Ducting Accessories for a variety of options included duct boxes, elbows, reducers...  It is recommended to duct the exhaust to the HVAC return system but if that is not possible, then simply duct it back into the house into a larger room or hallway...  Air should not simply be vented to the attic or outside of the home unless the attic is also sealed and conditioned or if in a very moderate climate.

It should be noted that it is intended to reduce the 6" intake down to 4" so can then utilize the 4" wall flange.

For information on the regular (non-EC) package please visit the page for the VS-IDF-CVS-6-PRO and the EC fan unit, VS-IDF-6EC-PRO, EC controller TC-TSTAT-EC
  • Professional Package Includes 6" High Capacity EC Inline Duct Fan
  • Designed for Enclosure Applications that Require Aggressive Venting
  • Advanced Automated Control with the EC Controller
  • High Voltage Unit Fan but Low Voltage Motor for 'Green' Efficiency
  • Ideal for cabinetry with a large amount of equipment, projector enclosures...
  • Includes Everything Needed for the Airflow Intake
  • Installer is Required to Determine Appropriate Exhausting
  • 6" Inline Duct Fan - EC Pro
  • EC Temperature Controller (Remote Sensor Option)
  • 4" Reducer & Wall Flange*
  • 25' of 4" Non-Insulated Duct
* The 6" inlet is reduced down to 4" to accommodate 4" ducting which is acceptable with the level of airflow

  • 6" Inline Duct Fan - EC Pro
  • EC Temperature Controller (Remote Sensor Option)
  • 6 to 4" Reducer & Wall Flange*
  • 25' of 4" Non-Insulated Duct
* The 6" inlet is reduced down to 4" to accommodate 4" ducting which is acceptable with the level of airflow

Fan Specs

Dimensions:                  L 31.3 x W 22.7 x H 18.7cm

Construction:                Polypropylene Housing
Fan Motor:                     Variable Speed Motor
Duct Size:                       6"
Air Flow:                         380 CFM
RPM:                               3000 Max
Noise:                             32db Max* 

Power Specifications         

Power Connection:          Pre-wired 120 Volt Power Cord
Voltage:                             100-240V AC
Current - Amp:                .47A Max .94
Control:                              PWM/0-10V DC 

*  Noise ratings for these fans can be deceiving due to the fact that they are mounted 'remotely', this means it will not be installed in an area where noise from the fan really matters.  What will matter more is that the fan is mounted properly so there's no noise from vibration and that ducting and a proper vent is used as those factors would create noise before one would typically hear the noise from the fan itself.  Also testing procedures vary so this is also a very unreliable measure when comparing fans.

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