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IDF Ceiling Vent Package - 6" EC Pro VS-IDF-CVS-6EC-PRO
IDF Ceiling Vent Package - 6" EC Pro
IDF Ceiling Vent Package - 6' EC Pro
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Savings: $25.00
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Item Description
The 6" EC Professional Ceiling Ventilation package for remotely venting equipment rooms and closets. This is a complete and professional package featuring the latest technology EC fan and controller for aggressive airflow and greater efficiency and is intended for ceiling venting applications where wish to pull air from the ceiling in a room or closet. 

The package includes the professional grade 6" EC inline duct fan and a grill assembly where a filter can also be used with the system which is appropriate for when connecting the exhaust to the HVAC return vent.  The exhaust side and where and how the exhaust is run is very application specific so whatever is required to exhaust the unit should be ordered separately.  See Ducting Accessories for a variety of options including duct boxes, elbows, reducers...  It is recommended to exhaust to the HVAC return but if that is not possible, then simply duct it back into the house into a larger room or hallway.  Air should not simply be vented to the attic or outside of the home unless the attic is sealed and conditioned or if in a very mild climate. It is highly recommended to have this system professionally installed as some requirements and principles may be difficult to DIY (connecting to the return vent, existing HVAC configuration...).

The fan comes pre-wired with a 120 volt power cord so powering the system is as simple as plugging it in.  The package includes the EC fan controller which is included in the package.  The polypropylene housing is very durable and the unit comes with an integrated mounting bracket and the ducting ports can be separated from the fan body for easy serviceability and for replacing the fan unit without disconnecting the tubing which is just part of being designed for professional use. 

The Ceiling Vent System comes complete with 6" EC Professional Grade Inline Duct Fan, EC controller, 25 feet of 6" insulated duct tubing, a 10" x 10" Ceiling Mount Grill Assembly and Adapter Plate.  This system can also be used in conjunction with other rough-in boxes and passive grills for intake or exhaust.  An additional consideration when venting back into the home is it may be desirable to use vents that match the existing HVAC grills.  

It should also be noted that the exhaust port should always be ducted, at a minimum 3' of ducting and with a bend or two in it.  These fans are intended to work with a certain amount of pressure and operate more efficiently and quieter with the proper amount of pressure.

  • Professional Package Includes 6" High Capacity EC Inline Duct Fan
  • Designed for Ceiling Venting Applications in Rooms & Closets
  • Advanced Automated Control with the EC Controller
  • High Voltage Unit Fan but Low Voltage Motor for 'Green' Efficiency
  • Utilizes 6" Ducting for Maximum Airflow
  • Includes Everything Needed for the Airflow Intake
  • Installer is Required to Determine Appropriate Exhausting

  • 6" Inline Duct Fan - EC Pro
  • EC Temperature Controller (Built-In Sensor Option)
  • Ceiling Register (10x10) with Filter Option (filters sold separately)
  • Duct Flange - 6" (10x10)
  • 25' of 6" Insulated Duct

Fan Specs

Dimensions:                  L 31.3 x W 22.7 x H 18.7cm
Construction:                Polypropylene Housing
Fan Motor:                     Variable Speed Motor
Duct Size:                       6"
Air Flow:                         380 CFM
RPM:                               3000 Max
Noise:                             32db Max* 

Power Specifications         

Power Connection:          Pre-wired 120 Volt Power Cord
Voltage:                             100-240V AC
Current - Amp:                .47A Max .94
Control:                              PWM/0-10V DC 

*  Noise ratings for these fans can be deceiving due to the fact that they are mounted 'remotely', this means it will not be installed in an area where noise from the fan really matters.  What will matter more is that the fan is mounted properly so there's no noise from vibration and that ducting and a proper vent is used as those factors would create noise before one would typically hear the noise from the fan itself.  Also testing procedures vary so this is also a very unreliable measure when comparing fans.

  • 6" EC Professional Grade Inline Duct Fan
  • 25' of 6" Insulated Duct
  • 10" x 10" Ceiling Mount Grill Assembly w/Filter Capability
  • Adapter Plate for Connecting Duct to Grill Assembly
  • This system can also be used in conjunction with other Cool Components rough-in boxes and passive grills for intake or exhaust.
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