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 Fan Control Options

Integrated vs Modular Controllers. 

The current trend in cooling products is to include all the bells and whistles built-in, which usually appears to be more convenient, easier to spec, and just all the way around preferred, so why does Cool Components deploy a modular/a-la-carte approach to the products?

1. Reliability

To us, the most important feature of professional products is reliability. Often, our products are protecting critical systems for customers that will not tolerate equipment downtime, be it in the home, office or other environments where our products have been installed, like NASA, U.S. Navy ships and subs, and mission critical Data Centers around the globe.  

2. Custom Built for Your Unique Needs

Another feature of professional systems is each is customized to your needs.  Some systems may only require basic functionality, while others may need advanced features and capabilities.

3. Easier Troubleshooting

What happens when that unit with integrated controllers dies?  Is the problem the fans, the controller, the power supply...?  It's basically impossible to know for certain without more advanced troubleshooting. On the other hand, with modular products, pin-pointing the problem is super easy.

4. Less Downtime

When a product with an integrated controller dies, that means the entire product and perhaps system is down until it's repaired or replaced.  

With a modular system:

  1. you just remove the controller, 
  2. and plug the fans directly into the power supply 
  3. and the system is back up and will continue to cool.

Fan Control Options

Without a Fan Controller unit, you simply run the fan full time.

  • You turn fans on and off with a switched outlet. 
  • Or you turn fans on and off with a 3rd party control system (automated controller, building automation system...). 

With a Cool Components Fan Controller Unit:

1. Basic Controller (TC-BSC) 

  1. which has On/Off control only 
  2. and has fixed temperature set points (80F, 90F, 100F, 110F). 

2. Advanced LTv2 (TC-ALTv2) 

  1. features On/Off and Variable Speed control.  
  2. It has 3 temperature set points at 80F, 90F, 100F, 
  3. and an alarm pre-set at 115F. 

3. Advanced System Controllers (TC-ASC & TC-ASC-2) 

  1. Our top-of-line controllers 
  2. Has On/Off/Variable speed and is fully programmable.  
  3. The temperature set points, the power on/off, how quickly the fans ramp up, and the temperature alarm are all fully programmable.  
  4. It has a trigger feature for turning fans on and off 
  5. It can be integrated into a Data Center or building controls system to trigger alerts and events.

There are two versions of this controller:

  1. Single controller vision: the TC-ASC
  2. Dual controller version: the TC-ASC-2, which is also rack mountable and features additional 12V power jacks to use for other components in the system.

The Inline Duct Fans (EC models) 

  • can be controlled with the TC-BSC, ALTv2, but the Pro Advanced Thermostat (TC-TSTAT-12) is strongly recommended.

High Voltage Fans

  • High Voltage fans can be controlled with the TC-AVC which is actually a very cool controller for high voltage applications.  It features several relays for what be some very advanced control features.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems spec'ing or selecting the right products for your needs. 

It is best if can provide us with information about what type of equipment you need to cool (the equipment model number is not necessary; just type of equipment you are using) and can also send pictures. 

It is best and more efficient to email us this information at [email protected]


Cool Components

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