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 DIY / Residential Product Recommendations

This page is dedicated to helping do-it-yourselfers quickly and easily determine which product/s are right for their application, because our mission is to help protect systems of all sizes and budgets.

This section is also dedicated to cooling and ventilation projects that have a more conservative budget.

Once installed, we hope to make cooling your important devices and systems something you do not have to think about well into the future.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems spec'ing or selecting the right products for your needs. 

It is best if you can provide us information about what type of equipment you need to cool (the equipment model number is not necessary; just type of equipment you’re using) and can also send pictures. 

It is best and more efficient to email us this information at [email protected]

Spot Cooling/Component Cooling vs Venting

Most systems these days are installed in cabinetry, and while for larger and professional applications we usually recommend a combined approach, for more moderate systems a one-or-the other approach can be deployed.  

  • Spot cooling is simply cooling components directly.
  • Venting refers to venting the cabinet or enclosure which in effect is cooling the entire system.

We recommend venting if you’re trying to decide between either of these options, primarily because proper spacing can adequately protect the individual components.  

If proper spacing cannot be achieved, such as 3-5" above a receiver or amplifier, then a spot cooler may be required or simply preferred.  

Make sure to have good airflow in a cabinet:

  1. have openings in shelving for airflow, 
  2. and heat producing components spaced with no other components on top of them.

Spot Cooling/Component Coolers for DIY Applications

DUO Cooling Unit (CP-DUO)

  • This unit is slim, effective and budget friendly.

Spot Cooler (CP-SPOT)

  • This is usually used in pro applications but a bit more aggressive, 
  • not as slim, but still affordable.

Component Unit LT - 2-Fan (CP-CU-LT2)

  • This is for more aggressive component cooling needs, but still easy on the budget. 
  • There are two versions, one with a display and basic temp controller built-in or a version without.  
  • Usually you would purchase the unit without display/controller if do not wish to have the feature, or if you wish to use one of the more advanced controllers.

Cabinetry > Ventilation Products for DIY Applications

DUO Cooling Unit (CP-DUO)

  • This is a dual-purpose unit in that it can spot cool or be used for ventilating a cabinet as well.  
  • When used with a 2.5" grill, it makes for a great and effective unit for venting cabinets and is also budget friendly.  

Cabinet / Slim Vent (VS-CV / SV)

  • These are nice and effective products but not as budget friendly as the DUO unit.

HiFlo Lite / HiFlo (VS-HFL / HF)

  • These move significantly more air, but you can consider using 2 DUO units for a more effective and budget friendlier approach.

Closets > Ventilation Products for DIY Applications    

This is an application where ease of installation and other factors should take precedent over budget.  

For these applications, please be in touch with us to help you determine best products for this application, and let us know if this is for new construction, remodeling, retrofit, etc.

The reason we ask you to reach out to us before purchase, is because there are many options: you can vent room-to-room, but alternatively use ceiling and remote ventilation systems.  

Please email us at [email protected] for help with these applications.  

Below are some basic products for the more obvious and straight forward solutions.

HiFlo Vent System (VS-HFS)

  • This system was designed for room-to-room / through wall ventilation.  

SlimSix (VS-S6)

  • This unit is ideal for mounting on the top of a door to a closet due to it's slim design.

Ceiling Vent System (VS-CVS)

  • This system is very appropriate but can challenge a DIY, please be in contact to discuss the use of this product.

Inline Duct Fans (VS-IDF)

  • These systems are very efficient, effective, and can be budget friendly but please be in contact to discuss the application and options - [email protected]

Click here to see our Ventilation products for cabinets, closets and rooms


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