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Cool Components Inline Duct Fan - 4" EC Pro 1-VS-IDF-4EC-Pro
Cool Components Inline Duct Fan - 4" EC Pro
Cool Components Inline Duct Fan - 4' EC Pro
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Cool Components Advanced EC Thermostat 1-TC-TSTAT-EC Cool Components Advanced EC Thermostat $85.00
Advanced LT Controller - On/Off & Variable Speed 1-TC-ALT Advanced LT Controller - On/Off & Variable Speed $30.00
Item Description

Manufacturer: Cool Components Inc

This is for professional applications when advanced control is desired.  4" ducting is very versatile and this unit can be used in a variety of applications such as venting rooms, closets, projector enclosures, video walls...  This unit can be used with any of our controllers for automated and variable speed control.

Important Note:  While this unit is intended to be used with a Temperature Controller, one is not included due to the several available options.  The only reason for purchasing and using this product versus the "PRO" version is for the control feature.  Please ensure to select a Temperature Controller when ordering and for the TC-ALTv2 and Basic Controllers, a power supply will also be required.

Due to the trend of addressing cooling and venting earlier in projects, during pre-construction/renovation, Cool Components has greatly expanded their line of duct fans.  Using duct fans is superior in most respects and primarily because the fans are quieter, move more air, very efficient and are simply out of the way since they will installed usually in an attic, crawl space, or basement.  With proper planning they should also be easily serviceable. Duct fans, as the name implies, utilize ducting to connect the fan unit to the areas where wish to remove air (intake) and directs that air to another area or preferably, to the HVAC return vent (exhaust).  Generally the inline duct fans feature multi-speed motors and are powered with 110/120 current (220V versions are available via special order).   

There are several units available ranging from Residential to Professional versions with the primary difference being the residential housings are made from ABS while the Pro versions have a Polypropylene housing and come with optional EC (Electronic Controllable) fan motors.  This is the latest advancement in inline duct fans as it allows high voltage fans to be controlled with low voltage controllers.  Traditionally high voltage fans were only reliably controlled using 'step' control meaning there were 3 or 4 speeds that increased in a progression that usually left you hearing each time the unit took a 'step'.  The EC fans provide for a smooth linear progression so the fans start slow and ramps the speed up smoothly as the temperature rises.  As with all of Cool Components products, serviceability is also a key as the fan unit can be separated and cleaned without removing and having to re-attach the ducting.  Then at the end of the life of the fan, it is very easy to swap out the fan also without removing the ducting.  Another staple of these fans and the latest technologies is that the units are very efficient and are also fully recyclable.

Please Note:  This fan is designed to be installed in an attic or remote location and has to be connected to ducting for proper air pressure and functionality.


  • Electronic Controlled (EC) for Advanced Automation & Control
  • Professional Version for Increased Durability and Professional Features
  • Advanced Polypropylene Housing with Detachable Motor for Easy installation and Service 
  • Integrated Mounting Bracket for Easy Installation
  • Utilizes 4" Flexible Duct for Intake and Exhaust
  • Pre-wired with a 120 Volt Power Cord for Easy Power Connection
  • Fan is Controlled with 0-10V DC Input
  • IP44 Rating to Protect Against Moisture & Particle Intrusion
  • Various Optional Accessories for Use & Installation
General Specifications

Dimensions:  29 x W 19 x H 14cm
Construction: Polypropylene Housing
Fan Motor: Variable Speed Motor
Duct Size: 4"
Air Flow: Variable Speed 117CFM Max
RPM: 2250 Max
Noise: 28db Max


Power Specifications


Power Connection: Pre-wired 120 Volt Power Cord

Voltage: 120V 60Hz

Current - Amp: .28A

Control: 0-10V DC

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