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Cool Components HiFlo Vent System 1-VS-HFS
Cool Components HiFlo Vent System
Everything for venting room to room including temperature controller
Retail Price: $220.00
Savings: $60.00
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Grill Type & Color
Black/Black (1-VS-HFS-BLK)
White/White (1-VS-HFS-WHT)
Tan/Tan (1-VS-HFS-TAN)
White/Black (1-VS-HFS-WB)
Wood - Oak/Oak (1-VS-HFS-OAK) (+$16.00)
Wood - Maple/Maple (1-VS-HFS-MPL) (+$16.00)
Power Options - This unit ships with a US power supply
International Power Supply
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Harsh Environment - Only required for extreme conditions
Harsh Environment Unit (+$32.00)

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Cool Components Basic Temp Controller - 80 Degree (On/Off Only) 1-TC-BSC-80 Cool Components Basic Temp Controller - 80 Degree (On/Off Only) $22.50
Advanced LT Controller - On/Off & Variable Speed 1-TC-ALT Advanced LT Controller - On/Off & Variable Speed $30.00
Cool Components Wall Duct Box - 4x8 1-VS-WDB-HF Cool Components Wall Duct Box - 4x8 $39.00
3 1-VS-3FT-UL-10 3" Flex Tubing - 10' (UL Listed) $23.00
Item Description
Manufacturer: Cool Components
Part#: VS-HFS
This unit was designed to circulate air in a room or closet where warmer air accumulates to another area in the home. Often times, when components are installed in a closet, or even in the room where they are installed, the entire room or closet requires venting to circulate the warmer air. This unit is perfect for room to room venting and can be easily retrofit.

This system will usually be installed on a wall adjacent to a hallway or larger area in the home and air will simply be moved from the closet, directly through the wall, to the adjacent area.  This method of cooling helps to better circulate the air in the home and during cooler months, the warmer air is effectively used in heating the home and in warmer months, HVAC systems are designed to 'reprocesses' warmer air and conditioning air that is simply heated is significantly more efficient than cooling and dehumidifying air which would be the case if venting to the outside or to attics.  When venting outside, that air is replaced by air from the outside or most commonly and worse, air from the attic.  This air can be hot, humid, and smelly so you should NEVER vent to the outside or to the attic!

If you are considering this product and are in the construction phase (no sheetrock installed), consider using it with the Wall Duct Boxes as this allows you more flexibility with the placement of the unit since you would be moving air through tubing instead of simply from one side of a wall to the other.  You may also consider venting to the HVAC return system or using the system specifically designed for return systems - the Return Vent System (VS-RVS-ASBY).

Harsh Environment Option - This unit is also available with a fans engineered with an industry leading IP68 rating for harsh environments which is ideal for outside, wet, humid or especially dirty and dusty areas.  The units are also effective in high altitudes and in extreme temperatures.  It should be noted that harsh environment does not mean better quality or longevity, just enhanced engineering and production to protect against these environmental situations.  In practical terms this means that unless truly require the added protection, there is no reason to purchase these fans.
  • Aggressively Vents Rooms, Closets, or Larger Cabinets
  • Complete Package for Easy Design & Ordering
  • Quiet & Efficient Operation Features Levitation Fans
  • Utilizes Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed based on the Application
  • Uses Fast Wire System for Trouble-Free System Design and Installation
  • Includes Fan Unit, 2 Grills, Extension Cable, Advanced LTv2 Temperature Controller (TC-ALT) and Power Supply
  • Available with Harsh Environment Fans (IP68 rated)
        General Specifications
        Dimensions - Plastic Grill:     L - 10 1/4 x H - 5 (26cm x 12.7)
        Dimensions - Wood Grill:       L - 10 1/4 x H - 5 (26cm x 12.7)
        Dimensions - Fan Unit:          L - 9 3/4 x H - 4 1/2 x D - 1 1/8  
                                                   (24.8cm x 11.4 x 2.9)
        Installation Cutout:                L - 8" x H 3 3/4" (20.5cm x 9.5)
        Construction:                        Metal Fan Bracket / Plastic or Wood Grill Option
        Fan System:                        2 - 92mm Brushless Levitation Fans (Est. 60,000hr)
        Air Flow:                              Up To 80 CFM
        Noise:                                 Silent to ~28 dba
        Power Specifications
        Includes PS-600 Power Supply
        Connection:           2-Pin FastWire Power System 
                                    (Ensure proper polarity - Tip to +) 
        Voltage:                When using the TC-ALT Temperature Controller, the power
                                    supply must be set to 12V as this unit will control the voltage
                                    and thus the speed of the fans based on temperature.
        Current:                175 milliamps at 12V DC
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