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Cool Components Fan for 4.5" (120mm) Applications 1-FK-120-1
Cool Components Fan for 4.5" (120mm) Applications
120x120x25mm Fan
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Cool Components Fan Kit for 4.5 1-FK-120-2 Cool Components Fan Kit for 4.5" (120mm) Applications $70.00
Item Description
This Fan is to Replace Existing, or for Applications Utilizing,  4.5" (120mm) Fans
These fans are for replacing old, loud, or AC fans that lack the quality and control features of DC Fans.  These are top-quality, DC (low-voltage) fans with a special levitation bearing system for quiet and long lasting operation.  It is not commonly known that ball bearing and sleeve bearing fans are not intended for vertical mounting which is how most fans in audio video cooling are mounted.  The reason is that the fan spindles rest on the bearings quickly wearing them out and creating noise.  The Levitation system 'floats' the spindle so there is not direct contact between the spindle and the bearings.  This accounts for the long lasting and quiet operation and being low voltage, there are more control options for the fans as well.

The most obvious application for these fans are for use in rack manufacturer's faceplates and fan tops that utilize 4.7" or 120mm fans. 

Package Includes

  • 1 - 4 11/16" x 4 11/16" x 1" (120 x 120 x 25mm) DC Fan
  • 4 - Rubber Fan Mounts (In some cases, fan screws may be necessary)

  • While some installations may vary, generally you will mount the fans by inserting the rubber mounts into the fan/rack bracket. 
  • Then determine the proper direction of the airflow and there is an arrow on the side of the fan that indicates the direction of the airflow. 
  • Once that is determined, insert the mounts into the mounting holes on the fans and pull the mounts until the 'catch'. 
  • Now connect the Short Y-Cable aligning Tip to + on the connector ends. 
  • Once properly connected, then plug in the power supply to the Short-Y cable again aligning Tip to + and then plug in the power supply. 
  • Once the fans are on, set the voltage to the desired setting with the primary considerations being noise and effectiveness.  Typically the power supplies will be set between 7 and 12V DC.
120mm Fan Specifications
Fan Type: 120mm Brushless Magnetic Levitation Fan (Est. 60,000hr)
Air Flow: 75 CFM per fan (Max)
Noise: Silent to ~34 dba (Max)
Connection: 2-Pin FastWire System (Ensure proper polarity - Tip to +)
Voltage: 7 to 9V DC for Normal Operation or 9-12V for More Aggressive Cooling
Current: 190 milliamps per fan at 12V DC
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