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Cool Components Advanced EC Thermostat 1-TC-TSTAT-EC
Cool Components Advanced EC Thermostat
Cool Components Advanced EC Thermostat
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Item Description
***Recently Improved***  While this unit has been very reliable, some updates and improvements have been made with the biggest change being that we have done away with all of the connectors which created more confusion and at times more work than simply hardwiring the controller to one of our EC fan units.  The controller is powered by the fan so everything that needs to be connected is done with connecting 4 wires between the fan and controller.  Another change is there are now two versions, one with built-in temperature sensor and the other with a remote sensor.

Manufacturer: Cool Components

This is a truly professional wall-mounted programmable thermostat/controller for use with the EC (Electronically Controlled) Inline Duct Fans (it is not compatible with other fans, high or low voltage except as mentioned later).  This unit will enable the user to program the appropriate set points including fan on, fan off, speed at which fan turns on, speed at which the fan is at 100% are the primary settings.  Additional settings include ability to switch between C and F, calibrate the temperature and also a Fan 2 and Alarm settings and features.  The alarm feature can trigger an audible alarm (not included) and/or send notification to a control system via 12V output.  Then an added bonus is another relay for a second fan or any other 'trigger' based again on 12V output.  If used for a fan, the fan will only turn on and off (not variable speed) which is great for a secondary fan that is intended to come on if the temp rises to a point where damage may occur to a system. 

There are two versions, one with the sensor built-in the unit so the temperature is read where the unit is installed and the other version has a remote sensor.  Use the built in sensor for applications where are venting a closet and the thermostat will be installed in the closet.  The remote sensor version would be for venting a closet but wanting to mount the controller outside of the closet or it is perfect for monitoring and controlling projector enclosures.

The controller features 1 variable output (for variable speed output) and 2 relays.  One is controlled as a programmable alarm output/setting and the other a second fan but both can be used for any number of applications where a 12V relay output can be utilized like triggering a control system.


Please Note: This unit is ONLY for use with the EC (Electronically Controlled) Inline Duct fans. 

  • Designed for Professional Use and Applications
  • Controls the EC Inline Duct Fans
  • Advanced Programmable Set Points (on and off point, temp calibration, full speed, calibration, on speed...)
  • LCD Display Temperature and Status including Fan Speed Percentage
  • Multiple Outputs/Relays for Flexibility
  • Wall mounted and Aesthetically Pleasing - Looks Like an HVAC Thermostat
  • Selectable between Celsius and Fahrenheit 
  • Fan2 and Alarm Settings are also Programmable and trigger 12V relays which can be used to integrate with various control systems
General Specifications


Unit Dimensions:               3.4"H x 3.4"W x .5"D (86 x 86 x 13mm)
Construction:                     White ABS Plastic 


Power Specifications


Power Connection:             Hardwired Low Voltage 
Current - Amp:                   Relative to Power Supply
Voltage:                              12V DC
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