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  Closet Vent System

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***Coming Soon***
This series of products is intended to take the attic work out of the closet venting equation (mostly).  Install inline duct fans has always been labor intensive.  Not just mounting the unit and running a bunch of ducts in the attic but also then running wires for powering the unit, for a temperature controller...  We've created essentially a plug and play solution where plug it into an outlet, plug in a duct for exhaust and done.  The unit is fully
self contained including a built-in temperature controller.

There are several versions of the system and almost countless ways to configure the unit.
CLDS Angle
General Features
- All-in-One Design - Fan Unit, Controller, Housing
- Mounts Horizontally or Vertically
- Can be Mounted between Studs and Ducted within the Walls
- PVC Housing to Last a Lifetime
- Plug in or Hard Wire
- Enclosed for Added Noise Reduction

- Various Options for Intake and Exhaust
- Standard and Professional Grade Versions
- Different Units for Different Levels of Airflow
- Available in Black or White

- Multiple Options for Intake & Exhaust
Intake Options

- Pull Hot Air from the Closet (Most Common Application)
- Pull Air from an Adjacent Room to Supply Cool Air to a Closet
- Pull Hot Air Directly from an Equipment Rack
- Combination - Pull Hot Air from a Rack & From the Closet

Exhaust Options

- Vent up to attic and to Another Room or HVAC System (Most Common Application)
- Vent through the Wall to an Adjacent Room
- If using to Supply Cool Air, Exhaust into a Rack

Additional Documentation

Quick Reference To Closet Duct Systems

  • Closet Vent Mini 3 (CLVS-3) - This features a 3" Inline Duct Fan and On/Off Programmable Controller
  • Closet Vent 4 (CLVS-4) - This features a standard 4" Inline Duct Fan and On/Off Programmable Controller
  • Closet Vent 4EC Pro (CLVS-4EC-PRO) - Features 4" EC Inline Duct Fan with Programmable EC Controller
  • Closet Vent 6 (CLVS-6) - Standard 6" inline duct fan and programmable On/Off Programmable Controller
  • Closet Vent 6EC Pro (CLVS-6EC-PRO) - Features 6" EC Inline Duct Fan with Programmable EC Controller
Various options are available for these ducting systems

Click on Images Below for Detailed View of Products

For Additional Info on Venting Rooms and Closets, Scroll to the Bottom of this Page

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Closet Vent System - 4" EC PRO
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