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Closet Vent System - 4" EC PRO 1-CLVS-4EC-PRO
Closet Vent System - 4" EC PRO
Closet Vent System - 4' EC PRO
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Savings: $70.00
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Item Description
Product:           Closet Vent System 4" EC Professional
Cool Components Logo
Manufacturer:    Cool Components Inc
Part No:            XLVS-4EC-PRO

***Shipping Soon***

This is the 4" Electronically controlled version of the Closet Vent Systems.  This is the perfect system for easily and effectively venting equipment rooms and closets.  The options for it are near limitless in regards to the intake and exhaust with the system (see included diagram).  The unit can also be installed horizontally or vertically and can also be partially recessed into the wall and ducted through the wall cavity.  It features a fully programmable EC Temperature Controller which provides advanced on/off and variable speed control.

Important Purchasing Note: Due to there being many ways to ultimately configure the unit, the unit comes without accessories which will be required depending on the desired configuration.  There are various ways to configure both the intake so a grill is not included.  The exhaust is slightly more straightforward where in most cases will connect a duct directly to the fan unit.  See the 'Related Items' for products that may be desired based on the desired configuration.

General Features
- All-in-One Design - Fan Unit, Controller, Housing
- Mounts Horizontally or Vertically
- Can be Mounted between Studs and Ducted within the Walls
- PVC Housing to Last a Lifetime
- Plug in or Hard Wire
- Enclosed for Added Noise Reduction

- Various Options for Intake and Exhaust
- Standard and Professional Grade Versions
- Different Units for Different Levels of Airflow
- Housing Available in Black or White

- Multiple Options for Intake & Exhaust

Specific Features
- CCI 4" EC Pro Inline Duct Fan
  • Advanced Fan Motor Design
  • High Voltage Power, Low Voltage Control
  • Variable Speed
  • Quiet Operation
- CCI EC Temperature Controller
  • Advanced Fully Programmable Contro
- Lightweight PVC Housing

Intake Options

- Pull Hot Air from the Closet (Most Common Application)
- Pull Air from an Adjacent Room to Supply Cool Air to a Closet
- Pull Hot Air Directly from an Equipment Rack
- Combination - Pull Hot Air from a Rack & From the Closet

Exhaust Options

- Vent up to attic and to Another Room or HVAC System (Most Common Application)
- Vent through the Wall to an Adjacent Room
- If using to Supply Cool Air, Exhaust into a Rack

Additional Documentation

Housing Specifications
Dimensions:         L 25" x W 12" x H 9" (63.5x30.5x22.8cm)
Construction: PVC Foam Panels
Fan Motor: Variable Speed Motor
Duct Size: 4"

Fan Specifications

Construction: Polypropylene Housing
Fan Motor: Variable Speed Motor

Duct Size: 4"

Air Flow:
117CFM Max
2250 Max
Noise*: 28db Max

* Noise rating for 'bench test', noise of overall unit is reduced due to enclosure and soundproofing


     Fan Power Specifications
Power Connection: Pre-wired 120 Volt Power Cord
Voltage: 120V 60Hz
Current - Amp: .28A
Control: 0-10V DC

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