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Ceiling Grid Vent System 1-VS-CGVS
Ceiling Grid Vent System
Moves up to 575 CFM!
Retail Price: $455.00
Savings: $30.00
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Unit w/Basic Controllers
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Item Description
Manufacturer:  Cool Components Inc
Part No.:   VS-CGVS- BSC / ALT / ASC / AVC

The Ceiling Grid Vent System (VS-CGVS) from Cool Components is designed to aggressively vent air from equipment rooms or closets.  The unit easily installs in a standard 2' x 2' ceiling grid and uses nine professional-grade 120mm DC fans to aggressively, but quietly, vent up to an impressive 575 CFM of air.  The fans are automated by using two independent temperature controllers with the first turning on one bank of fans at 80F and the second controller turning the remaining fans on at 88F.  This means that the fans only run when necessary which saves energy and increases the life of the system.

The unit is constructed of lightweight aluminum and has an attractive white enamel finish.  The grid face features concealed hinges that allow for easy cleaning and service if necessary.


If noise is an issue, the fan speed can be adjusted to effectively lower fan noise.  More advanced temperature controllers can also be used to automatically vary the speed of the fans or change the on and off set points if desired (available separately).   


The unit comes in versions with different control options, each unit ncludes the Ceiling Grid Housing, Fan Panel with 9 Fans (120mm fans) and 2 Power Supplies.  The fans are divided into two banks of fans that are powered and controlled separately for redundancy and added versatility.  Below are the different versions with the only difference being the way the units are controlled.

Different Models with Different Control Options
Basic Controllers (VS-CGVS-BSC) - This option includes two Basic Controllers (TC-BSC), one set at 80F and one at 90F.  These are on/off controllers meaning the turn the fans on at the set point and off approximately 2 or 3 the set point.
Optional:  Controllers with other set points can be used with options including 100 and 110.
Advanced LT Controllers (VS-CGVS-ALT) - This option includes two Advanced LT controllers (TC-ALTv2) which are on/off and variable speed controllers.  The controllers turn the fans on at the set point and ramp up the speed of the fans as the temperature increases.  Each controller has 3 modes for 80, 90, and 100.  There is also an alarm at 115.

Advanced System Controller (VS-CGVS-ASC) - This option includes the Dual Advanced System Controller which is fully programmable and includes triggers, contact closures on alarm...  Typically this unit would be installed with equipment or on a shelf.

Advanced Ventilation Controller (VS-CGVS-AVC) - This option includes the Advanced Ventilation Controller which is a high voltage controller and is used to control an outlet used to then power the Ceiling Grid System.  An image of this is on the following page.  This controller is on/off control with various features discussed in more detail on the next page.  See 'Control Options' document below for more information on this option.

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  • Aggressively Vents Rooms and Closets with a Drop Ceiling
  • Contains 9 Top Quality 120mm Fans (Magnetic Bearing Fans)
  • Automated Controllers Turn One Bank of Fans on at 80F and the Remaining Fans on at 88F
  • Up to 575 CFM Airflow
  • Attractive While Enamel Housing
  • Lightweight Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Package Includes Everything Needed but is also Customizable
  • UL Listed
General Specifications
Inside Dimensions:                   20" x 20" (50.8 cm x 50.8 cm)
Outside Dimensions:                23.75" x 23.75" (60.3 cm x 60.3 cm)
                Construction:                              Aluminum with White Enamel Finish               
                Fan Life:                                       70,000 Hours
Airflow:                                          Up to 645 CFM
Acoustic Noise:                           Max. 43.5 dB (A) at 12 VDC
Power Specifications
Includes 2 PS-1700 Power Supplies
Rated Voltage:                          12V DC
Operating Voltage Range:           6-13 VDC, 7-9V for Quiet Options, 12V for More Aggressive Cooling
Rated Current:                           Max. 1.6 Amps
            Connection:                               2.1mm Coax Plug w/2-Pin FastWire Power
                                                System (Ensure proper polarity)
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