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Advanced LT PRO Controller - On/Off & Variable Speed 1-TC-ALT-PRO
Advanced LT PRO Controller - On/Off & Variable Speed
Advanced LT PRO Controller - On/Off & Variable Speed
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Item Description
Manufacturer: Cool Components

The TC-ALT-PRO has added feature, more modes than the retail version and is the best choice for professional installations.  This unit provides automated on off and variable speed control based on temperature.  It also features an alarm and five (5) selectable modes with different on/off setpoints.  The On setpoint for Mode 1 is 70F/21C, and is appropriate for colder applications like server rooms. Mode 2 setpoint is 80F/27C, and is most appropriate for closet venting applications. The setpoint for Mode 3 is 90F/32C, and is designed for cabinet, rack, and enclosure applications. Mode 4 is 100F/38C, and is also designed for cabinet, rack and enclosure applications but offers a higher setpoint for applications where the controllers sensor must be in close proximity to components or a higher temperature is simply desired. This mode is also ideal for two stage cooling applications when two controllers as is Mode 5 with a setpoint at 110F/43C
For each Mode, the fan/s will turn on at 40% speed and will increase in speed in a linear progression until full speed is reached at ~10F above the On setpoint. As the system cools the fan/s will slow down in a linear progression and ultimately turn off when the temperature drops ~3F/2C below the On setpoint.  The PRO version also features 2 Alarm modes, Alarm Mode 1 is set at 115F/41C and Alarm Mode 2 is 125F/52C. The alarm can also be disabled as well.

Another advantage of the unit is that it can be mounted most anywhere since it utilizes a remote sensor.  In even more extreme applications, the sensor can be extended to control remotely mounted fans in projector enclosures, ventilation applications, etc.

NOTE:  This unit is voltage control, not PWM which in some cases is very reliable but can also be 'glitchy' when controlling multiple fans.  Voltage control is much more complicated (from a circuit design perspective) and overall more accurate and reliable.


  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • On/Off Control Based on Temperature
  • Variable Speed Fan Control Based on Temperature
  • Fixed Setpoint Alarm to Protect Systems from Overheating
  • Sensor can be Extended for Remote Equipment Applications
  • Compact Size for Easy Placement
  • Mounting Flanges Make Installation Easy and Professional
  • Polarity Protected
Operating Modes
The unit features five selectable fan modes and 2 alarm modes. The fan setpoints are 70F/21C, 80F/27C, 90F/32C, 100F/38C and 110F/43C.  The alarm setpoints are 115F/41C and 125F/52C and the alarm can also be disabled.

Fan Modes
  • Mode 1 - On at 70F/21C and off at 68F
  • Mode 2 - On at 80F/27C and off at 77F
  • Mode 3 - On at 90F/32C and off at 87F
  • Mode 4 - On at 100F/38C and off at 97F
  • Mode 5 - On at 110F/43C and off at 108F
Alarm Modes
  • Mode 1 - Alarm Off
  • Mode 2 - Alarm sounds at 115F/41C
  • Mode 3 -  Alarm sounds at 125F/52C
*** These are all fixed set points and progressions and cannot be changed ***
General Specifications
Dimensions:          3" W x 1 3/8" D x 3/4" H (76 x 35 x 19mm)
Compatibility:        All Cool Components Low Voltage Products and possibly other 12V DC fan products
Construction:        Black ABS Plastic

Power Specifications

Important Note: This unit should only be used with regulated power supplies.
Connection:          2-Pin FastWire Power System
                             (Ensure proper polarity - Tip to +)
Voltage:                12V DC
Current - Amp:      Output rated at 3 Amps (Max)


Determine the best location for the unit which is determined by accessibility for the power supply, the location of the fan unit/s and area seeking to cool.  Do not place the controller or sensor on a component, it is best to screw, zip tie, or velcro to the side of the cabinet or rack and mount the sensor so it also is not in contact with equipment.  When venting equipment (exhausting air out of a cabinet or enclosure) it may desirable to put the sensor in the airflow pathway of the fan as that is  a good measure of the ambient temperature in the closet.

Once location is determined, power the unit with the power supply, some controllers come with a 2-pin power connector while others come with 2.1mm coax, for the 2-pin ensure to Align to + on the connector ends and for the 2.1 Coax, the center pin is +.  The unit is polarity protected so mis-wiring will not damage the unit but it will not operate with incorrect polarity.

Once the unit is powered it can be programmed following the instructions below and fans can be plugged in at any point but also ensuring proper polarity.  Multiple fans up to 2.5A can be connected using Y or Tri-Cables sold separately.


To program the unit, first apply power to the unit.  

For programming the fan mode, press the programming button once and the unit will beep once, this indicates it is in programming mode. Within 5 seconds press the button corresponding to the desired mode, for example 3 times for Mode 3 (fans on at 90F).  Once desired mode is input wait and the unit will beep to confirm that selected mode (3 beeps for mode 3 for example).

For Alarm mode, press and hold the programming button for 3 seconds, the unit will beep, press for desired Mode.  1 press for Mode 1 (Off), 2 presses Mode 2 (Alarm at 115F), 3 presses Mode 3 (Alarm at 125F).  

Note: Alarm automatically resets when temperature drops below the set point.

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