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Venting products help protect entire systems by dispersing the accumulation of heat generated by systems as a whole. Cooling products should be used within the system to cool and protect individual components. By using both Cooling and Ventilation products, systems are fully protected from the heat generated by components.

Protecting systems as a whole involves venting the cabinet which houses the equipment, the rooms or closets that house the equipment and cabinets...  Also featured is a full line of ducting products if designing your systems pre or during construction or renovation.  Ducting is the best approach to venting systems and can be significantly easier in the long run.

All of these are Professional Grade Products meaning they feature the exclusive and patented magnetic bearing system which is far superior to traditional ball and sleeve bearing fans which ALL other cooling brands utilize purely due to lower cost, or because they simply do not know nor care about quality.  The products are also 'lifetime' products.  With minimal maintenance they will truly last a lifetime.  These are the same products used in mission critical systems at NASA, the US military, through the government, major technology corporations, and in countless yachts, homes, and businesses around the globe.

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Warranty Information

These products come with a Limited LIFETIME Warranty.  Cool Components products are designed and manufactured to live a very long life and in fact, indefinitely.  This is done using heavy gauge steel and durable plastic housings and engineering to make the products easily serviceable.  Of course there are no magic fans and while these fans last a very long time, and do so quietly unlike ball bearing and sleeve bearing fans, they will require normal maintenance and replacement but in a matter of minutes and with minimal expense, the products can be made 'like new' and end up lasting indefinitely.  This means, design one system, maintain that system and not have to redesign and start over paying full price for new cooling products every few years like would be required with other cheaper products.  This warranty covers the housings and other 'structural' parts of the products.  It does not cover the fans which are guaranteed for 3 years and can be changed quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Power Considerations

For some applications it may be desirable to power multiple units with one power supply. For applications of this type please refer to the power requirements listed in the power specifications section of each product to determine the appropriate power supply. Additional power supplies are located in the Power Products category. Note that powering multiple units will require additional power cables which are also located in the Power Products category.  Power cable options include short and long y-cables, tri-cables, and extension cables.

Important Consideration

It is very important to NEVER vent air out of the home!  The only exception are bathroom and kitchen venting as that air is considered undesirable where air that is simply heated by components should be recirculated through the house.  HVAC systems are designed to recirculate air and in the summer, warm air from the house is simply reprocessed into cooler air.  In the winter, that heated air can be utilized as part of the HVAC system as well.

When venting out of the home though, that air is replaced by air from either the attic or outside which can be hot, humid, dusty, smelly, etc.  It takes more energy for the HVAC to 'condition' that air than air simply heated by components.

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