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Professional Technology Cooling Systems

Truly professional products are different in many ways from 'retail' and 'internet' products. Professional products are designed, extensively tested, sold and installed by professionals who understand and appreciate issues such as quality, design based on functionality (not just pricing), designed for easy installation, reduced support, and understand and appreciate longevity of products.  

Pricing is always a major factor in purchasing decisions but rarely does purchasing cheap versus quality work out well in the end.  Even if the products are aesthetically pleasing and appear to be feature rich, this is no representation of quality especially when the most important factor is functionality.  Often, if not every time, when corners are cut to achieve a certain price point the result is products that end up being in a disappointment in the end.  This usually results in not only wasting time but then spending more money with prematurely replacing and maintaining those cheap products.  In the case of cooling and especially in 'mission critical' applications, the downtime and extra service calls can far exceed saving a few pennies up front.  

Professional grade is intended for those that value their time, value quality and top notch service and also a company that has extensive experience.  A company that is truly a specialist in the products they offer.
Another aspect of professional custom products is they are designed truly for the professional.  In the case of our cooling products and as an example, some products try to pack various features into a single product but a professional line of products allows the system designer and installer the opportunity to select the features and functionality that is important to them.  A more direct example when comes to cooling products is control options.  In many cases a professional may want fans to run full time, thus no control options.  In other cases may just desire the simplicity and reliability of a simple on/off based on temperature feature.  Then other applications may call for all the bells and whistles including alerts via contact closures...  The fact is that 'professional' does mean many things which includes the ability to design and customize systems to fit particular needs, there is rarely a 'one size fits all' approach when dealing with professional products.

First Time Visitors. If you are visiting our site for the time, please take advantage of the information we have related to what products are most appropriate for your application and also for product support. The primary sections to look through for information on our products are the Application Notes and also Frequently Asked Questions. For problems or issues with our products, please visit the Support section. Both of these sections are located across the top horizontal menu bar.

International Customers. All of our products are now available with an international 100-240V AC 50/60Hz power supply that comes complete with adapters for Europe, UK and Australia. Simply choose the International Power Supply option when adding items to your cart.

Dealers.  If you are a dealer of residential systems, which includes furniture manufacturers and those serving the industry, please view the AV Professionals section on the top menu for additional information. If you are are a dealer and have not used our products yet, we believe you will find a variety of products for most every application.

Thanks again for visiting our site and please browse the site if you have hot equipment and need equipment cooling, cabinet venting, or solutions for most any AV application. If you have any questions, contact us.

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